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Office 365 Conference meets European Collaboration Summit

Office 365 conference is a community event. And always will be.
We are happy to announce that we will partner with the international European Collaboration Summit! Check it out here!

Office 365 Conference 2016

After the huge success of Office 365 conference in January 2015 members of the MVP community organized the second Office 365 conference in Germany in 2016! The event took place from January 8th to 9th 2016 in Cologne.

Community Event
The Office 365 conference is a cost free community event - from the community for the community - and offered many interesting sessions with well-known international experts.

Thank you!
Thanks to all attendees, speakers and sponsors for being part of the second Office 365 conference!
See the session list in the agenda.
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Our official Twitter hashtag is #office365konf:
The session slides, feedback and ratings and snapshots will be posted here soon.

Many thanks and hope to see you at the next conference!

The Team

The organizers of the conference are...

Patrick Lamber

Patrick Lamber

MCT, SharePoint MCITP, SharePoint MCPD, MVP Office365, founder of the Office 365 pills

There are many SharePoint events in europe, but only a few for Office 365. The demand became my motivation to organize the Office 365 Pills in combination with the Office 365 conference - as conjuction of event & workshop specially for the Office 365 community!

Kerstin Rachfahl

Kerstin Rachfahl

Internationale Betriebswirtin (IBS), MCTS, MCAS, MVP Office 365

Office 365 with Passion. It is not the Migration alone what is important - it is the changes in the working process which matters :-).

Michael Kirst-Neshva

Consultant and Trainer, MCT, Microsoft Cloud Ambassador, MVP Office 365

As the founder and operator of the German User Group Office 365, I support users to make the most of the new Microsoft cloud services.

Martina Grom

Martina Grom

International Business Management (IBWL), Cloud Consultant, MCSA, Yammer Expertin, MVP Office 365, Microsoft Regional Director

The value of knowledge increases when it is shared with others! So pass it on! My Passion is around Office 365, Yammer, Social Media and Cloud computing.

Raphael Köllner

Raphael Köllner

Microsoft Expert Student Partner, MCT, IT/Law-Trainer, MVP Office 365

My focus is on one side in IT and on the other hand, in the field of IT law. In 2014, I would like to submit my PhD in Cloud Services.

Cloud Solutions are a great way to produce synergies between services (SaaS) and individual enterprise solutions. With Office 365 there are stable and scalable services that you can use easily.